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2: How To Be Successful When Times Are Tough

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Over the past few months, our world has been turned upside down. A global pandemic has changed many of our lives and occupations. Parents have become teachers, teacher have become online instructors, business professionals who use to go into the office now find themselves working from home, and entrepreneurs have had to pivot their strategic plans for success. While so much seems to be out of control, I have remained focus on my business and my goals and this has helped me develop coping techniques in difficult times. Under normal circumstances, I would usually be planning my next show or preparing to vend at a conference. But now, I am learning to connect virtually with my customers because many of them are home and they have been ready to log on to my jewelry parties and spend. Success for my business has taken on a new form: online retail shopping. Surprisingly, each day I’ve had my same focus just as I had months ago, however, I have shifted my selling methods. Before I start my day, I review my business plan for the day to make sure I am setting reasonable goals that are attainable are realistic. I may jump on a few conference calls with my team to discuss ideas and new business practices and afterwards, I’m online selling. To make sure I don’t burn out, I host jewelry parties three days a week. Buyer fatigue can often happen if customers feel overwhelmed with too much selling. Some days I promote a theme and I limit my time to about fifteen to thirty minutes. With an understanding that customers are busy and may still be adjusting to their new lifestyles, I make sure I am reaching my base with consideration and a thoughtful plan. Once each party is over, I grab lunch and take a moment to reflect on the success of the day--and if challenges came up--how to make the next day even better. Additionally, I oversee the health and wellness of my mother as her caregiver, conduct professional development workshops for my team, and serve as president of my non-profit organization. My days can often become long and stressful, but each day is full of rewards and new opportunities to grow my business and brand. New days present new opportunities for success. No matter what is happening in the world, I make sure I focus on the things I can control. If I can share my journey with my team, friends, customers, and colleagues I consider that a success. One of my favorite quotes from the legendary late actress Ruby D is, “I think I have something unique that I’d like to share.” The unique ability to see the good in a difficult situation and strive for success is apart of my plan every day. Hopefully, months from now the world will be in a safer and healthier place. That will be the best success of all.

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