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The Traveler

Dr. Ty has been to places and have seen many things the world has to offer!


The Philantrophist

The center of her heart revolves in giving to everyone in need.


The Entrepreneur

Dr Ty is a successful businesswoman and an expert business builder!


The Family Woman

Dr. Ty has always been  a family woman at heart. Her heart beats for her family.

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Meet Dr. Ty


Entrepreneur | Family Woman | Philanthropist | World Traveler

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To whom much is given, much is required, is a belief that drives Tyrica Hendricks to edify everyone she encounters. The entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author, is a trusted leader known for her ability to connect with and inspire others. Through her dynamic leadership, she meets people where they are, pouring countless hours into her passion for empowering others, specifically women and children. Many people measure success by possessions or finances, but Tyrica measures her success by the assignments that she completes daily that is given to her by God. Her desire to live a purpose-filled and driven life starts daily with her seeking God's master plan for her. Tyrica's willingness to selflessly give to others was instilled in her at an early age.


Her parents and grandparents were her examples of what service to humanity looked like. Watching her parents serve in the community and her grandparents serve in the church, she combined both of those experiences and began to look for opportunities to help others. Tyrica is a visionary and believes in leading by example. She will never ask someone to do something that she would not do. It is her belief the easiest way to get someone to work for you is to work side by side as a team. Understanding that education would provide opportunities beyond the city limits in which she lived, she earned her undergraduate degree from Hampton University and her graduate degree from Bowie State University. 

While attending graduate school, Tyrica mentored a young lady through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.
She was 21 years old when she was compelled to become a foster care/adoptive parent to her mentee. She never envisioned raising a child as a young single parent, but she embraced her purpose of sacrificing for and giving back to others. Her experience with the child welfare system subsequently inspired her to launch her 501c3 nonprofit organization, The Hendricks Hope (Helping Other People Every Day) Foundation.

The foundation has helped over 1,000 children nationwide. Their programs have provided funding for essential items, school supplies, toys, and extra-curricular activities.
Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Tyrica worked in corporate America in multiple areas including but not limited to project management, quality assurance, and federal investigations.
Determined to fulfill her purpose, she joined a well-known multi-level marketing company to fund her
philanthropic activities. What began as a funding source became her gateway to transition from employee to entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of quite a few businesses, she guides and supports a team of over 100 independent business owners. Together, they have grown to a network of over 90,000 entrepreneurs.
Her dedicated work ethic as a network marketing professional has led to her becoming one of the company’s top leaders and she has received the 6 Figure Earner award since 2018.

As an avid world traveler, Tyrica has visited numerous African countries. In 2019, she visited Mombasa, Kenya, where she fell in love with the children and culture. She spread her altruistic intentions globally by sponsoring the Girl Power program. Girl Power ensures that girls in grades 6-8 can stay competitive with their male peers in the areas of education and employment. Without her aid, the girls would have lost valuable enhancement and mentoring services. In 2021, despite the pandemic, Tyrica funded the program for a third year. She is not only a sponsor, but a fully engaged participant in the program's success. She also sponsors the degree completion program for one of the teachers. Inspired by her initiative, her inner circle is currently sponsoring the education of 24 children and the degree completion of two teachers. She is ensuring that the present and future attendees of Girl Power have role models and mentors invested in their success.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and compassion for others led her to open Trusted Home Care, a licensed, family-run, assisted living facility. They provide a trustworthy environment in which people are at ease with the care their loved ones receive. Tyrica's continuous service to mankind has not gone unnoticed. She has earned numerous awards and on June 4, 2022, she received her Doctor of Humanities (Honoris Causa) from T.I.U.A Trinity International University of Ambassadors. She now serves her community globally as

Dr. Tyrica K. Hendricks.  

Tyrica’s fortitude and her purpose for supporting others with sound advice and tangible resources are the hallmarks of her brand. She truly lives the scripture, To whom much is given: much is required.

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