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Meet Dr. Ty

Entrepreneur  |    Family Woman  |  Philanthropist |  World Traveler

TYRICA HENDRICKS was born in Camp LeJuan, NC where her father was stationed as a US Marine. Shortly after she was born her family moved to the suburbs of Baltimore, MD where she was raised until she attended Hampton University in Hampton, Va.

While attending Hampton University Tyrica majored in and received her Bachelor's degree in Political Science. Post graduation Tyrica made the decision to return to Maryland and attended Bowie State University where she received a Master's degree in Administrative Management. While attending graduate school Tyrica made the admirable decision to become a foster care/adoptive parent. Though she never envisioned raising a child as a young single parent, she knew it was far more important to step up to the plate than to run from the challenge. Her upbringing was also a huge influence on her decision. Growing up and seeing the great example her parents set in opening their doors for anyone in need, Tyrica knew it was her duty to do the same. She has always been taught to “give back and that if God brings you to it he will bring you through it”.

In 2015 Tyrica joined a networking company to earn extra income to put towards her philanthropic activities and travel. Unfortunately, In 2016 Tyrica was laid off from her Corporate America job and decided that instead of going back to corporate America she would use her education and skills and pursue full-time entrepreneurship. Through hard work, dedication, and perseverance Tyrica was able to grow her network marketing business and became one of the top team leaders and consultants within the company. In 2015 she opened an Assisted Living Business and three years later in 2018, she launched her own 501c3 nonprofit organization. Tyrica through network marketing has been able to become the entrepreneur and philanthropist she always envisioned herself becoming.


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