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Meet The Author.

Hi, I'm Tyrica Hendricks.

A proud mother, caregiver, entrepreneur, philanthropist and so many other things. With all the hats I wear, I know all too well how overwhelming it can be when you feel like you're doing too much. I spend most my time traveling, working, making the most of this thing we call life.


Wayback 2017, I was working full time as an auditor and commuting back and forth to work Mon-Fri like most people. It was on July 30th, 2015 everything changed. I saw a post on Facebook about a new business my cousin had started and I said yes to an opportunity that changed my life. Within 18 months, I was both laid off at my job and able to replace my income at my corporate job through my at-home business. This allowed me to maintain a lifestyle I was proud of through the business I had launched less than two years prior. 


Since then, I have achieved the status of 6 Figure Income Earner every year since 2018. I've dedicated everything to this and watched it pay off in miraculous ways. So many different people along the way have watched their lives change before their eyes too. In fact, I have over 101,000 people within my organization (growing an average of 3,000 people every month) and could share countless stories of those whose lives have been changed forever by this opportunity.

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