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6. A Visit to Mombasa

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

A Picture with the girls

Their smiles make my heart jump with joy.

Last August, I was excited to travel back to Mombasa, Kenya to visit the ‘Ms. Pam’s Girl Power’ girls to catch up with them and to check on their progress. It was so good to see their beautiful, bright faces and listen to what they had all accomplished since the last time I saw them in August 2019. To my surprise, they all recognized me and showered me with warm greetings of hugs and kisses. They told me stories of how they were progressing in school and told me all about their parents and siblings. We spent time together talking, laughing and singing songs. My foundation hosted a sip and paint party for the girls, we hosted a self-empowerment workshop and pool party and I was also able to take a few girls shopping for clothing and school supplies. One evening, we even took a trip to a local shopping mall for a pizza party and ice cream for dessert. Reuniting with the girls felt so refreshing, especially after experiencing a global pandemic, and truly rewarding confirming that the work we do through the TRD HOPE Foundation impacts lives across the globe. Many have asked me how they can help make a difference in the lives of our girls and the answer is simple. Donations large and small make a significant difference. A donation of as little as $15 a year will provide sanitary napkins for one girl for one year. Without these products, some girls are not able to attend school because of the menstrual cycle. The celebration ceremony of transitioning from middle school to high school is $200 and to sponsor a girl in high school a donation of $600 will cover her education for one year. Any donation can make a difference. As I plan to visit Mombasa to spend time with the girls in March 2022, I invite you to make a donation to the TRD HOPE Foundation in partnership with the Mombasa Relief Initiative (MRI). Together, we can all make a difference in the lives of girls across the globe. To learn more, visit and

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