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Voyage Baltimore Feature - Community Highlights: Meet Tyrica Hendricks Duckett of Sassy and Classy D

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tyrica Hendricks Duckett.

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?

To whom much is given, much is required is a belief that grounds me. It drives my entrepreneurial spirit, my philanthropic passion, and my leadership acumen. Meeting people where they are and empowering others, specifically women and children are my lifetime mission.

Having earned an undergraduate degree from Hampton University and a graduate degree from Bowie State University, some would say was a great accomplishment. However, I feel most accomplished when I am able to impact the success of others.

As a child, I experienced my parents” exceptional work ethics providing for our family with lots of love that extended to everyone who was fortunate enough to know them. This deep regard for others and desire to give was instilled in me at very young age. Hence, while attending graduate school, I mentored a young lady through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I was 21 years old when I felt compelled to become a foster care/adoptive parent to my mentee. I never envisioned raising a child as a young single parent. However, I embraced what I believed was my purpose, to make the necessary sacrifices to give back to others. My experience with the child welfare system subsequently inspired me to launch my 501c3 nonprofit organization, The Tyrica and Robert Duckett HOPE (Helping Other People Every day) Foundation. Our Foundation has helped over 1000 children globally. The Foundation’s programs have provided funding for essential items, school supplies, toys, and extra-curricular activities.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I worked in corporate America in multiple areas including, but not limited to project management, quality assurance, and federal investigations. As a visionary determined to pursue and fulfill my purpose, I joined a well-known multi-level marketing company to fund my philanthropic endeavors. What began as a funding source, became a gateway for me to transition from employee to entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of Sassy and Classy Designs by Tyrica, I have been able to guide and support a team of over 100 independent business owners. Collectively, we have grown to a network of 85,00o plus entrepreneurs. As a dedicated and committed network marketing professional, I achieved one of the company’s top leader’s statuses and have received the 6 Figure Earner award every year since 2018.

As an avid world traveler, I have visited numerous African countries. In 2019, I visited Mombasa, Kenya, where I fell in love with the children and culture. This experience led me to expand my altruism globally by sponsoring the Girl Power program. Girl Power ensures that girls in grades 6-8 can stay competitive with their male peers in areas of education and employment. Fortunately, in 2021, in spite of the pandemic, I was able to fund the program for a third year. Additionally, I’m grateful to have been able to sponsor the degree completion program for one of the teachers. Moreover, I’m pleased to say that my inner circle was inspired by my initiative are now currently sponsoring over 50 children and the degree completion program of two teachers. As a result of the love and generosity shown to our young girls, they wanted to give something back in return. Thus, after the passing of my mom, the girls requested to rename the program the Ms. Pam’s Girl Power program in her honor.

Committed to making a difference and helping make life better for others led to my family and I to open Trusted Home Care, a licensed, family-run, assisted living facility. Here, we provide a trustworthy environment in which people are at ease with the care their loved ones receive.

I am proud to say my fortitude, penchant support with sage advice, and tangible resources are the hallmarks of my brand. As I continue my journey, I believe all things are possible. As a servant leader, I look forward to new opportunities to enhance the quality of life of others.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road? Having many moving parts working simultaneously requires extreme attention to details. Growing a business that will support and develop other entities is somewhat tricky, but doable.

It goes without saying that whenever you begin to put your vision in motion there are going to be obstacles. In order to implement your vision, others have to buy into your vision. In most of the cases, that was the easy part. However, having to depend on others to do their job so that you can accomplish yours and move forward, I feel has been one of the most challenging experiences.

Of course, dealing with a multitude of personalities is always a stumbling block. Some people don’t see the urgency to get things done in a timely manner. Additionally, you run into individuals who aren’t as professional and savvy as you may need them to be. However, surrounding yourself with like-minded competent people is key. Staying focused and true to your vision and mission is paramount.

As always life happens. Juggling your personal and professional life consistently creates ebbs and flows that must be skillfully managed. Having support from a loving family and friends has been the essential ingredient to what I have been able to accomplish in my life thus far.

While the road has not always been smooth, I have enjoyed the process because I have learned to turn obstacles into opportunities and have met and helped some amazing people along the journey.

As you know, we’re big fans of Sassy and Classy Designs by Tyrica. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about the brand? I joined a popular multi-level making company in 2015 to earn extra income to support my philanthropic endeavors. At that time, I became the CEO of Sassy and Classy Designs by Tyrica. Little did I know that through my leadership and hard work I would ultimately empower and coach/train thousands of business owners.

My specialty is pouring into others self-confidence, encouragement, edification, and humility. Because of my life experiences, I believe I have the ability to connect with and inspire others.

I am most proud of the number of individuals I have helped along the way and the impact that they now have on society. Many of these individuals were able to reach lifestyle and financial goals that they never imagined possible., You can’t claim success unless you have helped others become successful.

Ultimately, my brand is about connecting to women and children, meeting them where they are, empowering them to be all they can be, as well as offering coaching and mentoring to those who desire higher education and/or entrepreneurship.

Are there any books, apps, podcasts, or blogs that help you do your best? Vision boards and affirmations

Gospel morning inspirations and meditation

Personal mentoring and coaching with industry leaders


– Thinking Big by Zig Ziglar

_ The Jim Rohn’s Legacy Series

– Millionaire and Success Habits

Networking and collaborating with others in leadership trainings, masterminds, and think tanks

Virtual Assistant

Contact Info:

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