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1: Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Entrepreneurship is a true walk of faith. We have all seen businesses start off really well and two to three years later, close their doors. Not because the business did not sell great products or have a good business plan, but because the owner(s) did not have the proper mindset. Many people think owning your own business and working for yourself is easy and glamorous. You make your own hours, employ a few good employees, and market/sell a great product and BAM; success falls right into your lap. I would have to disagree on this way of seeing things. Being a great business owner and having the mindset of an entrepreneur requires around-the-clock work. There are three important steps that have helped me become successful in my business. Now, not all businesses are the same. Every business has a business plan, customer base and marketing strategies that is unique to it. Here is what has worked for me:

  1. Always have a positive and optimistic mindset - The way you approach ideas about your business, the way you respond to challenges, the way you engage with your staff and customers all determine your level of success. Having the right mindset and thinking like a successful entrepreneur will carry you far. Your attitude will determine your altitude.

  2. Be passionate about your business - It is important to enjoy what you do because then it does not feel like work. More importantly, I love to see my customers happy with what they purchase. Customer satisfaction is a daily goal. While we cannot make everyone happy all the time, good business practices communicate that even when a customer is not satisfied, you will do your best to resolve any unacceptable issues.

  3. Connect with your clients and customer base - Each year I celebrate my customers with a customer appreciation event. Sometimes, it's a gathering with catered lunch and cocktails, other times, it is a week of door prizes and giveaways. The objective is to show each and every customer that I am thankful for their business and support.

Provost Wendell Pritchett said of Erika H. James, Dean of the Warton School at the University of Pennsylvania, “applying her own insights into human behavior to foster a work culture that allows people to thrive personally and professionally.” The mindset of an entrepreneur requires you to put people first--your team and your customers. Without people, your business will not be successful. Invest in people. Listen to your customers. Provide professional development workshops for your team. Be open to new ideas to grow your business and engage on a personal level with your customer base. And ALWAYS promote your brand. Remember, you are your brand. Having the right mindset will allow your business to flourish and success will come.

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