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4: Taking Network Marketing To The Next Level

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Have you ever had a job you didn’t like? A job that doesn’t fit who you are as a person or match your personality? A job that was unfulfilling? A job that you were not passionate about? I’m sure we all have. I’ve had many jobs over my career that were just ok. I was always grateful to get a paycheck and pay the bills, but the older I got, the more strategic I became when it came to my career. I often thought that if I was a good employee, received outstanding performance reviews, and got along with my staff and fellow co-workers I’d have job security and would be able to retire comfortably from Corporate America. Boy was I wrong—you could say God had better plans. My story in Network Marketing (NWM) started in July 2015 with a goal of working my NWM business part-time and using extra income to support my philanthropic efforts, travel, and give back to my community. Surprisingly, in March 2016 I was laid off from my corporate job and decided to pursue Network Marketing full-time and I haven’t looked back. Within the first 18 months, I landed in the top 1% of the company and became a six-figure earner by September 2018. Network Marketing involves person-to-person sales of products or services by independent contractors who are able to earn revenue in a few different ways. An important aspect of NWM is person-to-person sales. No matter what you sell, the personal connection to your clients and customer base is really the key to success. Frequently, I’ve heard many success stories. In the hair salon I go to, a customer there became an early client of mine. She attended one of my first parties and promoted my business at her job. She was a great spokesperson for my business and helped to promote me within her circle of family and friends. One of her co-workers who was really impressed with the products decided to host a party based on my client’s recommendation. As a result of the party and her involvement, I gained dozens of new customers and three new consultants which led to them building their own businesses and teams and growing my overall business by growing theirs. Today, I have over 65,000 downline or team members with one hundred and five signed directly with me. Unlike other industries, NWM success happens for me on a daily basis. My amazing team continues to grow and add value to my achievements. For the past five years, I have been fortunate to be successful within my company. My success is not defined by a dollar amount but is defined by my ability to own my time, the relationships I build, the excitement of providing quality customer service, and the growth and dedication of my team. Behind every good leader is a solid and supportive squad that strives and supports the entire team to new levels of success and I’m blessed to reach extraordinary levels every day.

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